The Great Burnout of COVID 2020!

December 27, 5:44 pm
Click to Donate & Burn your Frustrations

Burned out? Frustrated? Disappointed?
Time to end 2020?

Share your feelings now and join the Great Burnout of COVID 2020!

For $20, you can “burn” those frustrations and disappointments on December 27th in the first-ever Great COVID Bonfire. Proceeds to benefit Loaves & Fishes and NAMI DuPage.

List up to three things you want to eradicate from your 2020 life

The Rotary Club of Naperville Downtown, in recognition of the great toll COVID 19 has had on everyone’s mental health, is asking you to burn your most harmful, hurtful memories. Your contribution of at least $20 will help Loaves and Fishes feed those who are facing serious food challenges. Your donation will also support NAMI DuPage as the nonprofit works with people who have lost their jobs and homes and who have seen their families pulled apart by this pandemic.

For $20, you can write three things that you want to see go up in flames. The Great Burnout of COVID-19 will happen on December 27th, helping you get back on track for 2021! Your donation will ensure someone is fed, counseled, and healed!

Is a bonfire something new?

Not according to Grow Wellness Group’s Adam Ratner.

For centuries, the incorporation of fire and burning have been pivotal instrumentals for the release of pain, healing, and restoration. The inclusion of fire and burning in healing traditions across the world has and continues to be used by global communities to push forward and find freedom from pain and hardship.

Who will you be helping?

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